12 top tips to a smooth winter move

Whilst moving house can always be a stressful time – questioning whether the money and documents will be where they need to be on the day for a start – moving house in the winter can add extra concerns for lots of people.


You don’t need to worry – any reputable removal firm will have dealt with everything the British winter can throw at them, many times over. We’ve been operating as a removals company in Leeds for over 100 years and there’s not much we haven’t seen!

So, here are our top tips when planning a winter move:

  1. Don’t assume removals companies will be quiet because it’s winter. Things can still be very busy, so plan ahead and make sure you choose the removal firm you want to work with in plenty of time. They will understand you may not necessarily have a guaranteed move date at that point so talk to them about how it all works.
  2. Whatever the weather. Keep an eye on the forecast, but it’s rare that bad weather would prevent a move from happening, unless there’s snow which makes travel impossible. Consider anything you may need to let the removal company know in advance – for example if you’re based on a big hill and it’s due to be icy, just make sure they’re aware.
  3. Choose good quality boxes. Don’t use cheap boxes which will fall apart or get soggy if there’s a spot of rain. Choose good quality boxes and secure them well with tape. Make sure they’re not overloaded weight wise too. We want to keep your belongings as safe as possible!
  4. Give some thought to precious items. Talk to your removal company about how best to protect items like electronics or expensive wine if the weather is bad. (looking for removals companies in Leeds? We’re always happy to share this kind of good advice!)
  5. Consider what best to do with children and pets. Moving in the winter can be cold and wet, which might not be much fun for little ones (or furry ones) – are you best arranging someone to look after them for the day?
  6. Let there be light. If you’re moving in winter the chances are some of the move may happen in the dark. Make sure to have torches on hand and that utilities at the new house are up and running. Take a spare light bulb or two as well, just in case!
  7. Keep on gritting. Keep some grit handy to make sure that paths and stairs up to both properties are safe. You don’t want a removal man taking a tumble while carrying your priceless china! If snow is forecast, a shovel would be handy to have close by just in case.
  8. Be prepared for muddy shoes. You don’t want everyone traipsing wet and mud through your home but removing footwear every time someone comes in won’t be possible. Consider laying some protection on your floors or have some old towels handy. Just make sure there’s no trip hazards.
  9. Layer up. You may not want to have the heating on whilst the move takes place, as doors will be open. So layer up – it can get pretty warm if you’re running around packing and unpacking, so it’s good to be able to take some layers off if needed! Some people create a ‘warm room’ with a heater where people can go in to take the chill off if it’s really brrrrr!
  10. Have an emergency kit. This could contain de-icer, a thermos of tea, coats, scarves, towels, torches, candles, blankets and duvets – always worth having them to hand along with anything urgent you might need like medicines, chargers, a screwdriver and so on.
  11. Have a kettle handy. Warm drinks (and a biscuit or two) are always going to be appreciated on a cold day!
  12. And finally – don’t worry! Whatever happens we’re here to help and we’ll make sure you get safely into your new home.

If you’re looking for removals in Leeds, give us a call!


5 top tips from the packing pros

When you’re packing up to move house, things can get a little stressful (which is one of the reasons we offer a packing service, if you’d rather get the experts in to handle it!)

Having a good clear out is essential when you’re moving home, so it makes sense to do that ahead of packing things up. That all takes time as you’re deciding whether things need to be binned, shredded, sent to charity shops, given away or sold. It’s so easy to accumulate too much stuff!

But when it comes to packing up like a pro, we’ve lots of great advice. We’ve been handling house removals in Leeds for almost 100 years and packing expertise has been handed down through the team for generations. So, here are our top 5 tips for packing up a property from those in the know:

  1. Buy the best materials you can. This is not an area to skimp on – weak boxes will break and your belongings will be at risk. Particularly if you’re moving in bad weather and things are getting rained on! Buy good quality, thick and strong cardboard boxes in a range of sizes. Get decent bubble wrap or tissue paper to wrap individual items. And don’t forget some strong tape to seal the boxes, top and bottom. Never just fold in the edges of the box underneath – make sure they’re securely taped.
  2. Fill your boxes – but pack clever. Boxes with too much space in them will see items rolling around and the weight won’t be evenly distributed. Put heavy items in the bottom and lighter items on top. Pack towels and other linens or soft toys around items to fill extra space. Don’t overfill your boxes in terms of weight. Anything beyond around 22kg is going to get difficult to lift.
  3. Stack books and plates on their ends. For hardback books in particular, make sure their spines are lined up at the edge of the box. For plates, stack them on their side like they’re a vinyl record. That will make them stronger than piling them flat one on top of the other. It’s the same for glasses, pack them standing (and individually wrapped).
  4. Ask what specialist boxes your removal firm can provide. They should have special boxes for things such as clothes on hangers, pictures, golf clubs, bottles and so on, to help keep them protected. Clothes in drawers can often be transported in situ. If you have any particularly unusual or valuable items, speak to your removers about how best to transport them. Certainly at Holdsworths we’ve seen it all, and we’ve worked out the best way to get them safely from A to B!
  5. You can’t label enough. We really mean this. Make sure you know exactly what it is in each box and mark on where it needs to go in the new house. This will make it much easier for the removal team, who can then ensure it’s left in the right place for you. But it will also make it much easier for you when you’re looking for breakfast bowls on your first morning in your new home! We also recommend you keep a box of essential items with you in your own vehicle. That might include medicines, pet and baby food, tea and coffee, chargers, a torch, toilet roll, handwash, a screwdriver, nightwear and so on. Anything you might need to urgently get your hands on before things have been unpacked.

If you’re planning a house removal in Leeds or Yorkshire, give us a call to find out more about how we can help. We’ll definitely have additional top tips to help make your move as hassle-free as possible!

As Yorkshire property prices boom, is now the time to make your move?

When the Chancellor announced the introduction of stamp duty savings last year, the ticking clock started for the countdown to it ending on 31st March, creating a lot of pressure in the system. Many people thought if they hadn’t put their property on the market by the end of last year, they were probably too late to sell in 2021.

So, some may have been surprised to see the latest stats, which seem to show the market is likely to remain buoyant for the foreseeable – particularly with the news of the extension to the stamp duty holiday and the launch of the mortgage guarantee scheme.

Yorkshire in particular is due to experience a strong market, with Savills predicting a 28 per cent increase in average house prices in the region by 2025. That’s 7 per cent higher than the national average and 15 per cent higher than London. The rises are predicted to be steady year-on-year – with even 2021, despite starting with a lockdown, seeing a 4.5 per cent increase. It seems our desire to move home outweighs the uncertainly brought about by the pandemic. With more and more people seeking nearby countryside, outdoor space and the ability to work from home, things look positive for house moves in Leeds and its neighbouring locations.

Estate agent Linley and Simpson is also predicting a post-Covid city living revival for Leeds too, particularly as shops, bars and restaurants begin to reopen. With a shortage of properties on the market leading to higher asking prices – is now the time to make your move?

If you’re looking for moving companies in Leeds, we have almost 100 years of removals’ expertise. We can help you with everything from packing to…well…unpacking! And everything in between – which is just as important.

It’s vital when looking for a Leeds’ removals company to ensure that you find one you can trust. Always look for membership of the British Association of Removers (BAR) as reassurance of the quality you should expect – you can check this on the BAR website. You’re trusting this company to move everything you own, safely and securely, so it’s something you don’t want to cut corners on.

With things being so busy in the Leeds removals market, it’s worth getting in touch with your preferred company as soon as possible to try and secure the date you need. Even if you don’t have a date yet in mind, you can get a quote (which can be done remotely for Covid safety reasons) and get your details on our system, ready to push the button once the completion date is agreed.

If, for whatever reason, dates don’t end up aligning – perhaps you have to move out to maintain the chain below you, but your new build isn’t yet ready – don’t worry. We can offer safe and secure storage for all your belongings. We can load up the removals van as we would with any move, carefully placing the items in large crates, which are then safely unloaded at our storage location. We’ll keep them there, unopened, until you’re ready – and then we’ll deliver them back to you. It’s also something to consider if you’re moving into a property which needs some work doing before you’re ready to take up residence!

So, if you’re looking to make the most of the Yorkshire property price boom, and you need a Leeds’ removal company, get in touch! Don’t worry about asking too many questions – we appreciate we know this inside out, but most people don’t move every day so it might seem a bit daunting. We’re always happy to help!

What to Do With Your Old Furniture?

In advance to a removal, there is plenty of stuff going on and to think about. Hopefully most things are arranged and sorted such as your removal company. But there will be a point where all of the belongings in your home will have to be sorted. Whether you are downsizing and wanting to cut down on your furniture or upsizing and wanting to invest in some new furniture, Holdsworth’s want to offer a few of the most safe and efficient ways of getting rid of your old household furniture.


If you are certain about getting rid of your household furniture ahead of your removal then recycling or offering your furniture to charity helps so many people out. Charities are always on the hunt for items including household furniture. It obviously helps you clear away some unwanted items while putting them into further use if they are still functional.

Recycle Now have a fantastic local recycling resource which can help you pass on unwanted items to be re-used by searching via location or per item.

Council Collection or Drop-off

There is also the option to call upon your local council. For some items and sometimes for a small fee, you can arrange for your local council to pick up any unwanted items. Alternatively, if you have the correct vehicle and pass, you can drop items off at your local council waste site.


In the online world, there are many platforms where you can easily upload any unwanted items for free. There is also the “old fashioned” but well-trodden way of advertising in local shops. This way provides a great opportunity to make a bit of money as part of the clear out.


Especially with wood furniture, upcycling has become a new way of introducing a new lease of life your furniture. Using varnishes, polishes or even just a lick of paint you can bring your old furniture to life once again maybe for a place in your new home or even just to sell-on.

Store It

If there are certainly items that you know won’t have a place in your new home but maybe hold some sentimental value or you aren’t quite ready to get rid of, container storage is an affordable and managed way of ensuring their safety right until you require them again. Read more about container storage from Holdsworth’s here.

What to do with your boxes after your removal

As a removal company verified by the British Association of Removers, Holdsworth’s of Leeds takes pride in the services that we provide to our customers. This goes from the planning that goes into each move to the training of our removal crews. But that also continues to the boxes that we use on our removals. Packaging materials have to adhere to BAR standards for verified removal companies and are often checked. We use Holdsworth’s branded boxes (pictured) that adhere to this standard with the assurance that your packed items will be secure.

If you are using Holdsworth’s of Leeds for your packing then they will bring the boxes with them. But if you are taking on the packing yourself, get in touch with Holdsworth’s using 0113 269 0000 and you can purchase some packing materials including our boxes.

But a common question we are often asked is what to do with the removal boxes after the move. Here are some options for you.

Give Back

Holdsworth’s are more than happy to take back the boxes providing that they are in good condition as we can find good use for them. Just get in touch with your Move Coordinator and you can either arrange for the boxes to be dropped off or to be collected if we have one of our vans or representatives in your area.

Pass On

Passing the boxes on to those that need them is a great way to get rid of your boxes and also helping somebody else out. The cost of boxes can be a surprise when taking on your own packing and you haven’t budgeted for them. Holding on to them until a friend or family neighbour is moving could be doing a massive favour. There is also re-sale value on online market places for removal boxes.

Alternatively, charities are constantly on the look-out for boxes so call around your local charity shops and see if they need anything.


Cardboard is a recyclable material so rather than just throwing them in a skip, get down to your local tip and dispose of them into the cardboard section.

Get Creative

Boxes can be great fun. We have all bought a gift for a child, only for it to be overshadowed by the box itself. Maybe you could turn them into an indoor, cardboard fort!

Introducing Our Resources

At Holdsworth’s we do our very best to ensure that each of our removals runs as stress-free for each of our customers as possible. We try and call upon our near one hundred year experience and apply it to each removal in order to make it a success and this has meant that we have developed a reliable and efficient process for each move.

We have put some of this process into a set of handy resources that customers or anyone looking to move home can call upon for advice.

When you are planning to move house then there is a lot of research that is required. Whether it is regarding your house or the area that you are planning to move to – amongst many other things, the removal itself is often forgotten. So to give movers an idea of what takes to go through the removal process, we put together a brief five step guide to outline the key points of a move taking customers from finding the removal company, to getting a quote and eventually the move day.

Choosing a removal company can be the toughest part of the process. As well as cost, there are a number of additional factors to consider. A key factor being why choose a BAR (British Association of Removers) verified removal company. We summarised our credentials to ensure that you know exactly what assurances and guarantees you get when choosing Holdsworth’s of Leeds.

After you have received your quotes for the move and you have decided which removal company you would like to go with, you will be presented with a number of additional extras before paying for your move. A key decision at this point is to decide whether or not you are going to pack yourself or take up the professional packing service provided by your removal company. If it’s the former then we have a handy guide of hints and tips for packing yourself. As well as this, there are a number of insurance options and waivers on offer which will provide you with security and peace of mind. Or if you are considering storage for your belongings while you go through the move, there is a guide on how storage can help you here.

Finally, there are the steps required in the weeks and days leading up to your removal and on move day itself. Whether it’s a domestic home move or an international removal, we have put together a checklist of things to consider in preparation for and on move day. All to ensure that your removal runs as smoothly as possible.

Why Choose A Packing Service?

When choosing a removal company, customers are always asked if they would like a packing service as an extra. It may not seem it at the time but this is an important question to consider. Professional removals companies will offer their packing service and this is meant to help you through your removal should you agree to take it up. It adds cost to the removal but it is an additional worth considering due to the following reasons.


Packing belongings will no doubt be the most stressful and time consuming task of your removal when opting to take it on yourself. When removal day is coming up, it is often quite daunting to consider having to pack up the items in your home as well as dealing with the stress of the move. Opting for a professional packing service will allow you to focus your efforts elsewhere while our packers take the stress of this task away from you.

It also allows you take spend more time planning exactly what boxes and belongings you want to go where, focus on labelling the boxes and also frees up some time to declutter your items before the packers get to work.


If you opt to pack yourself then you will have to source your packing materials yourself. This could be time consuming, costly and still leave you with below standard packing materials. By using a professional packing service, the removal company of choice will supply these packing materials. Removals companies are regularly vetted by the British Association of Removers which aims to ensure that customers are getting an industry standard service from verified members (Holdsworth’s of Leeds are verified BAR members). This includes packing materials used on a removal; therefore a packing service via your removal company will improve the safety of your belongings while in transit.


Speaking of the protection of your belongings, as well as the materials in use, the expertise of the packers themselves will improve the safety of your items. Professional packers will know exactly how to pack items into a box so that they remain safe while in transit.

Here are a few tricks of the trade:
  • To move plates, wrap them individually and then stack them in a box like vinyl records.
  • Removal boxes should be packed bottom heavy to protect items and stop the boxes from toppling over.
  • Use blankets, bubble wrap, paper, polystyrene chips or anything that can resist a shock to fill spaces with boxes. This will improve the protection of your items while in transit.

Specialised Items

In our near 100 year history, Holdsworth’s have experience of moving almost anything you can think of. If you are concerned about the removal of a specific item that is quite specialised or unique, let us know and we will call upon our experience to ensure that it is protected during the move.

Opportunities When Moving House

Moving home can be one of the more worrying periods in life. Holdsworth’s aim to make any move as smooth and carefree as possible by providing advice and expertise to all of our customers. But a home removal is a big moment and can throw up a lot of opportunities to make changes in your life as well as moving your home.


Any home removal, whether you have taken up a packing service or not, essentially forces people to go through their belongings. This provides the perfect opportunity to have a clear out of anything that you may no longer need before taking it into a new home. Either during packing or before the packing service, make sure there is a box or bag ready for any items that you want to throw away or give to charity. There is also the option of taking any items that you no longer display or keep around the house and moving them into a secure storage unit. All this is with the aim of decluttering before moving into a new home in mind.

Make Savings

Moving home also forces movers to look into their utility bills and providers due to arranging a change of address. This can present opportunities to look at providers that you have been using for some time and weigh up whether a better deal is available.

There is also an opportunity in terms of energy saving.

Moving into a new home provides the opportunity to ensure that it is properly insulated, windows are efficiently glazed and also to ensure that energy-efficient fittings are added around the new home. It’s the perfect time to make a fresh start in terms of your carbon footprint.

Have an Office Clear-out

When living in a home for some time, it is inevitable that a large amount of paperwork, letters and statements can build up, especially if you have a study in which to keep them. Moving home gives you the perfect opportunity to delve into these records and have a bit of a clear out. But given that these often contain confidential data that can be used for identity fraud it is best to use a professional paper shredding service to dispose of the confidential waste.

Make a Life Change

There is no doubting that moving home is a huge life change in itself which can provoke a bit of stress.

But new research by the University of Bath suggests that big upheavals can be a great time to ditch a bad habit.

The research showed that a behaviour change is more likely to be effective during a major life change. So whether it is smoking, weight loss or any other habit that you want to curb, a home removal could be the perfect time to go for it.

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