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Opportunities When Moving House

| September 21, 2016

Moving home can be one of the more worrying periods in life. Holdsworth’s aim to make any move as smooth and carefree as possible by providing advice and expertise to all of our customers. But a home removal is a big moment and can throw up a lot of opportunities to make changes in your life as well as moving your home.


Any home removal, whether you have taken up a packing service or not, essentially forces people to go through their belongings. This provides the perfect opportunity to have a clear out of anything that you may no longer need before taking it into a new home. Either during packing or before the packing service, make sure there is a box or bag ready for any items that you want to throw away or give to charity. There is also the option of taking any items that you no longer display or keep around the house and moving them into a secure storage unit. All this is with the aim of decluttering before moving into a new home in mind.

Make Savings

Moving home also forces movers to look into their utility bills and providers due to arranging a change of address. This can present opportunities to look at providers that you have been using for some time and weigh up whether a better deal is available.

There is also an opportunity in terms of energy saving.

Moving into a new home provides the opportunity to ensure that it is properly insulated, windows are efficiently glazed and also to ensure that energy-efficient fittings are added around the new home. It’s the perfect time to make a fresh start in terms of your carbon footprint.

Have an Office Clear-out

When living in a home for some time, it is inevitable that a large amount of paperwork, letters and statements can build up, especially if you have a study in which to keep them. Moving home gives you the perfect opportunity to delve into these records and have a bit of a clear out. But given that these often contain confidential data that can be used for identity fraud it is best to use a professional paper shredding service to dispose of the confidential waste.

Make a Life Change

There is no doubting that moving home is a huge life change in itself which can provoke a bit of stress.

But new research by the University of Bath suggests that big upheavals can be a great time to ditch a bad habit.

The research showed that a behaviour change is more likely to be effective during a major life change. So whether it is smoking, weight loss or any other habit that you want to curb, a home removal could be the perfect time to go for it.

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