2-4 Weeks before move day

⃝ Get a Quote & Confirm Removal Date

Get your removals quote from Holdsworth’s and ensure to confirm your ideal removal date.

⃝ Storage

Weigh up whether you require any storage services either to declutter and help with your sale, or to hold items for the move.

⃝ Mail Redirection

The Royal Mail needs five days’ notice for the redirection of your mail. You can do this online or at your nearest Post Office.

⃝ Subscriptions

Inform all of your subscriptions of your move so they can divert any publications to your new home.

⃝ Medical Services

Notify your doctor, dentist and opticians of a change of address. You may need to unregister if you are moving far.

⃝ Notify Providers

Give telephone, mobile and Internet providers at least two weeks’ notice before your move. Also change the address for your TV licence.

⃝ Local Authorities

Notify all of the relevant local authorities in your current and new area of your move. This includes informing schools and potentially new schools.

⃝ National Insurance

Notify of your change of address – they will need your personal details including National Insurance number.

⃝ Car

Change address on your vehicle registration via the DVLA. Also complete section one on your Driving Licence or do it online.

⃝ Insurance Companies

Notify your broker or the individual companies for your [Motor] [Home] [Life] Insurance.

⃝ Banks

Notify you bank that you are moving home and see if there is a nearer branch to move to.

⃝ Family & Friends

Contact your family and friends informing them of your new address.

⃝ Hotel

Sometimes a hotel stay is required during the move, book as soon as possible for the best price

⃝ Packing

Unless you have signed up for our packing service, start as soon as possible.

1 Week before move day

⃝ Pets

Ensure to make arrangements for your pets during the move. It’s a stressful time for them too!

⃝ Plants

Make preparations for them to be moved on the day.

⃝ Loft & Shed

Clear any areas such as your loft and shed making sure not to leave anything behind. This is a good time to have a clear out.

⃝ Outdoor Items

Cleaning outdoor items prior to the move ensures that your other items don’t get dirty during the move.

⃝ Childcare

Arrange childcare with family, friends or childminder for the move day.

⃝ Dismantle Furniture

Start dismantling flat pack furniture, unless you have specified that as part of your move.

⃝ Water

Give your water board at least 48 hours of notice for disconnection of your water supply.

⃝ Valuable Items

Ensure that valuable or sentimental items are stored separately and safely.



Day before move day

⃝ Fridge & Freezer

Empty and defrost your freezer and fridge.

⃝ Cooker / Washing Machine / Dishwasher

Empty and clean your utilities and disconnect the pipes.

⃝ Box of Essentials

Pack and label a box of essentials that you will need last at your old house and first at your new home. Include a bottle of champagne for celebration.

⃝ Plants

Prepare them for the move.


On Move Day

⃝ Label Keys

Collect and label all keys to be left for the new owners.

⃝ Meter Readings

Take quick readings of your meters for reference.

⃝ Switch Off

Switch off power and water, especially if the house will be empty for a while.

⃝ Check The House

Have a final sweep of the house to check for items.

⃝ Relax

Relax and let us complete the move for you.

⃝ Arrival

Celebrate your arrival at your new home with that bottle of champagne.

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