As Soon As Possible


Ensure that you have thoroughly researched your new destination.


It is vital that you check that all of your passports are in date and valid as soon as you can.

Finalise Removal Date

Confirm your move date with Holdsworth’s and consider insurance options for the move.

Begin Sorting

It’s never too soon to start organising your belongings for the big move.


If you are moving to a country that doesn’t speak English then it would be a great idea to start learning the language of your new destination. Even if it’s just the basics.

Travel Arrangements

We can sort out your international removal, but you will have to check and confirm your travel arrangements whether that is flights, trains or ferries.

4-6 Weeks before Move Day


Temporary Accommodation

Work out whether you will need some temporary accommodation either at your destination, en-route or before departure.


Check whether you are required to have any vaccinations prior to arrival at your new destination.

Medical Services

Contact your doctors, dentist and opticians to notify them of your move and to request any medical records.

Local Authorities

Notify your local authorities regarding your move.

Tax Rebate

It is worth checking whether you are due a tax rebate and applying.



Check your insurance for the move itself as well as contacting insurance companies to let them know of your move. It is worth checking your insurance requirements at your destination.


Start an inventory to keep check of all of your belongings. This will make the packing process easier at both ends. 

Memberships & Subscriptions

Check all of your direct debits, memberships and subscriptions. Whether that is gym membership or Netflix, it will need amending.

Mail Redirection & Postal Votes

Contact the Royal Mail either in branch or online to notify them of the change to your address. Also arrange postal votes if applicable.



Contact your bank regarding the change to your address and also to make arrangements for your move abroad.

Removal Company

Keep your removal company updated as much as possible so that they have the correct details for the day. Also arrange any storage services if necessary.


If you are taking your pets abroad then make arrangements for them to be transported and check if they need to be declared. Also arrange for them to be looked after on move day.

1-2 Weeks Before Move Day


Clear Out

This is the perfect time for a clear out of your belongings. Put items that you aren’t shipping into storage, sell them on or dispose. 

Dismantle Furniture

Begin dismantling your flat pack furniture and other items ready for the move, storage or to be disposed of.

Organise Utilities

Let your utility companies know of your move and arrange for cut off on the move day. 

Fridge & Freezer

Begin running down the contents of your fridge and freezer. Donate to a food bank if need be. Plan to defrost your freezer the day before move day.

Important Documentation

Collect all of your important documents for your family so your passport, birth & marriage certificates, insurance and education certificates.

Foreign Currency

Arrange for the foreign currency of your destination so you have some cash to use on your arrival.

Label Furniture

Follow our packing advice guide for advice on how to safely pack your boxes and efficiently label them.

Pack Luggage

Plan your luggage packing so that you have your essential items for the journey and on your arrival.

Essential Items

Keep your essential items such as your passport, travel documents etc to hand so that you can easily access them when required.

Friends & Family

Notify friends and family of your move and let them know of your new address.

On Move Day


Check All Rooms

Once the removal team has packed your things away into the removal van, do one last sweep of the house to check nothing has been left behind.

Turn Off Power

If nobody is moving in to your old home immediately, ensure that you turn the power and water supply off and check meters.

Label Keys

Ensure that you collect and label the house keys before handing them over.


Sit back and relax while Holdsworth’s take care of the rest of the move for you.

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