Packing Hints & Tips

⃝ Pack Early

Packing for a move is a daunting task. If you haven’t arranged for our packing service then its best to get stuck into it early.

⃝ Prepare Your Boxes

Moving with high quality boxes makes the big move easier and ensures the safety of your items. Consider investing in quality boxes.

⃝ Speciality Boxes

There are a number of speciality boxes that you can invest in that are ideal for the moving of clothes, picture frames and kitchen items.

⃝ Packing Materials

Investing in some packing materials can ease your worry about valuable and fragile objects. Polystyrene chips and bubble wrap are ideal.

⃝ Packing Tools

Furthermore to materials, having the right tools can really speed up the process. A tape gun for example, can make life a lot easier when packing

⃝ Prioritise Rooms

Start packing up the rooms that you depend upon the least. Saving your kitchen and bathroom for the end.

⃝ Pack By Room

Packing room by room is also the most efficient way to ensure that nothing is missed when packing and makes things easier when unpacking

⃝ Maximum Weight

Bear in mind that there are lifting restrictions and guidelines. These usually suggest a maximum box weight of 22kg.

⃝ Bottom Heavy

Potentially an obvious one, but packing boxes with heavy items at the bottom ensures the safety of your items so they don’t topple over & makes boxes easier to carry

⃝ Inventory

Keeping an inventory is a great way to ensure that no items are missed when packing and don’t go missing during the move.

⃝ Fill Your Boxes

Making sure that your boxes are full make them easier to carry and keep your items secured. Use soft, loose items such as towels & clothes to fill space.

⃝ Delicates

Using your packing materials and fragile tape is vital with delicate items. Wrap items individually using bubble wrap and stack them tight.

⃝ Books

If you have a full bookcase then packing them into the boxes the right way is key. Placing hardback editions together keeps the box balanced.

⃝ Valuables

When packing, it might be worth keeping valuable and sentimental items separate so that you can ensure their safety at all times.

⃝ Screws, Bolts & Loose Items

Losing screws & bolts can be hugely annoying when unpacking. Bagging them up and taping them to the item they belong to is a great way to keep them safe.

⃝ Label & Address

Clearly labelling or numbering your boxes makes life a whole lot easier when reaching your new home. Putting the post code of your new home is a good idea if moving a long distance.

⃝ Tape Boxes

Ensure that each of your boxes are taped up well. Tape expenses will be far less than replacing your items due to a box opening.

⃝ Crucial Items

Pack a box marked as “last in, first out” with essential items. Include a bottle of champagne to celebrate your arrival at your new home.

⃝ Keep Removal Company Informed

Keep your removal company informed of any issues or changes to what they will be moving so they know exactly what to expect from the move.

⃝ Get Everyone Involved

Packing can be made a whole lot more fun by getting children, family .and friends involved. Delegating tasks will ease the load on you.

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