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What to Do With Your Old Furniture?

| October 13, 2017

In advance to a removal, there is plenty of stuff going on and to think about. Hopefully most things are arranged and sorted such as your removal company. But there will be a point where all of the belongings in your home will have to be sorted. Whether you are downsizing and wanting to cut down on your furniture or upsizing and wanting to invest in some new furniture, Holdsworth’s want to offer a few of the most safe and efficient ways of getting rid of your old household furniture.


If you are certain about getting rid of your household furniture ahead of your removal then recycling or offering your furniture to charity helps so many people out. Charities are always on the hunt for items including household furniture. It obviously helps you clear away some unwanted items while putting them into further use if they are still functional.

Recycle Now have a fantastic local recycling resource which can help you pass on unwanted items to be re-used by searching via location or per item.

Council Collection or Drop-off

There is also the option to call upon your local council. For some items and sometimes for a small fee, you can arrange for your local council to pick up any unwanted items. Alternatively, if you have the correct vehicle and pass, you can drop items off at your local council waste site.


In the online world, there are many platforms where you can easily upload any unwanted items for free. There is also the “old fashioned” but well-trodden way of advertising in local shops. This way provides a great opportunity to make a bit of money as part of the clear out.


Especially with wood furniture, upcycling has become a new way of introducing a new lease of life your furniture. Using varnishes, polishes or even just a lick of paint you can bring your old furniture to life once again maybe for a place in your new home or even just to sell-on.

Store It

If there are certainly items that you know won’t have a place in your new home but maybe hold some sentimental value or you aren’t quite ready to get rid of, container storage is an affordable and managed way of ensuring their safety right until you require them again. Read more about container storage from Holdsworth’s here.

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