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12 top tips to a smooth winter move

| December 8, 2021

Whilst moving house can always be a stressful time – questioning whether the money and documents will be where they need to be on the day for a start – moving house in the winter can add extra concerns for lots of people.


You don’t need to worry – any reputable removal firm will have dealt with everything the British winter can throw at them, many times over. We’ve been operating as a removals company in Leeds for over 100 years and there’s not much we haven’t seen!

So, here are our top tips when planning a winter move:

  1. Don’t assume removals companies will be quiet because it’s winter. Things can still be very busy, so plan ahead and make sure you choose the removal firm you want to work with in plenty of time. They will understand you may not necessarily have a guaranteed move date at that point so talk to them about how it all works.
  2. Whatever the weather. Keep an eye on the forecast, but it’s rare that bad weather would prevent a move from happening, unless there’s snow which makes travel impossible. Consider anything you may need to let the removal company know in advance – for example if you’re based on a big hill and it’s due to be icy, just make sure they’re aware.
  3. Choose good quality boxes. Don’t use cheap boxes which will fall apart or get soggy if there’s a spot of rain. Choose good quality boxes and secure them well with tape. Make sure they’re not overloaded weight wise too. We want to keep your belongings as safe as possible!
  4. Give some thought to precious items. Talk to your removal company about how best to protect items like electronics or expensive wine if the weather is bad. (looking for removals companies in Leeds? We’re always happy to share this kind of good advice!)
  5. Consider what best to do with children and pets. Moving in the winter can be cold and wet, which might not be much fun for little ones (or furry ones) – are you best arranging someone to look after them for the day?
  6. Let there be light. If you’re moving in winter the chances are some of the move may happen in the dark. Make sure to have torches on hand and that utilities at the new house are up and running. Take a spare light bulb or two as well, just in case!
  7. Keep on gritting. Keep some grit handy to make sure that paths and stairs up to both properties are safe. You don’t want a removal man taking a tumble while carrying your priceless china! If snow is forecast, a shovel would be handy to have close by just in case.
  8. Be prepared for muddy shoes. You don’t want everyone traipsing wet and mud through your home but removing footwear every time someone comes in won’t be possible. Consider laying some protection on your floors or have some old towels handy. Just make sure there’s no trip hazards.
  9. Layer up. You may not want to have the heating on whilst the move takes place, as doors will be open. So layer up – it can get pretty warm if you’re running around packing and unpacking, so it’s good to be able to take some layers off if needed! Some people create a ‘warm room’ with a heater where people can go in to take the chill off if it’s really brrrrr!
  10. Have an emergency kit. This could contain de-icer, a thermos of tea, coats, scarves, towels, torches, candles, blankets and duvets – always worth having them to hand along with anything urgent you might need like medicines, chargers, a screwdriver and so on.
  11. Have a kettle handy. Warm drinks (and a biscuit or two) are always going to be appreciated on a cold day!
  12. And finally – don’t worry! Whatever happens we’re here to help and we’ll make sure you get safely into your new home.

If you’re looking for removals in Leeds, give us a call!


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