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How to help your children deal with a house move

| October 8, 2021

Moving house can be a stressful time for anyone – but for youngsters it can be particularly so. They may not have the hassle of paperwork and logistics but they can often feel very out of control in the situation. They might be leaving behind the only home they ever had, or they may be worried about leaving friends, what will happen to their belongings and whether they’ll like their new bedroom.

In our 100+ years of handling house removals in Leeds we’ve learnt a lot about how to manage a move as a family, to make it as easy as possible for the youngsters in the home. After all – making it less stressful for the children, means less stress and worry for parents too.

  • Set the example – If you’re positive about the move, whilst also acknowledging it’s perfectly normal to have concerns or worries, your children are more likely to follow suit. Don’t be over-the-top positive with teens, who may feel like you’re not being genuine – but equally don’t show them if you’re a bundle of nerves and anxiety!
  • Have open lines of communication – let your children know they can talk to you about any worries they have. Try to think of ways to address those concerns – perhaps keeping in touch with friends via technology, or agreeing that decorating their new bedroom can be one of the first jobs on the to-do list.
  • Keep them in the loop – depending on the ages of your children, they don’t need to know every little thing, but make sure they’re aware of what’s happening so it doesn’t feel like the great unknown. Time frames can be tricky for littler ones, so try to give it some context – “we’ll be in the new house to celebrate your birthday” for example.
  • Don’t underestimate how long it will take to pack – you can take advantage of packing services, such as the one we offer, but if you’re packing yourself give yourself plenty of time. It might be easier to do it when smaller children aren’t around or you may find your boxes become a fort, and the toys you were trying to pack away are suddenly out and being played with.
  • Encourage tweens and teens to pack their own belongings – they can have a clear out at the same time and it’s reassuring for them that their belongings are being taken care of. Reassure them that things which are used regularly can stay unpacked until nearer the time.
  • Make sure boxes are clearly labelled – that way their belongings can be found quickly at the other end when they want to get their new room sorted.
  • Manage move day to suit your family – you may think your children would be better out of the way, either in childcare or with trusted family or friends. Alternatively, you may feel your children would prefer to be part of the move and getting a chance to say a last goodbye to the house. If you’re worried they’ll find it upsetting or get under your feet it’s perhaps best they aren’t there for move day itself, as it can be a very hectic environment.
  • Have a box of essentials on hand – depending on the age of your children this might include nappies and bottles or phone chargers and snacks! Have a box of essentials you carry around in your own vehicle – including things like toilet rolls, kettle, torch, screwdrivers, medicines, entertainment and handwash.
  • You all deserve a treat – plan something nice to mark your first evening in your new home – a takeaway or some favourite sweets or treats.
  • Make bedtime easy – you don’t know how late it will be when you get into your new home. Make sure bedding and bedclothes are easily accessible so you can all leave the boxes until tomorrow and get a good night’s sleep if needs be.
  • Be patient – it will be a hectic few days and you all might be feeling a bit out of sorts. Be patient with each other and you’ll soon be enjoying your lovely new home together!

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