How Storage Can Help You

At Holdsworth’s we have experience on our side. With a history spanning over 95 years, Holdsworth’s Removals were proud to be one of the first removals companies to offer storage as an option with a move. This started as secure container storage where items would be kept safely and securely in our warehouse and forklifted out on request. While we still offer this option, storage developed further into the individual self-storage units that are accessible as and when you require, but are still just as secure.

Both options are ideal under certain circumstances, so here are a number of issues that often lead to taking up either container storage or self-storage.

Businesses – We have a number of businesses that use our self-storage units as a hub for their businesses. Whether it is using it as a central base for an online retailer or a unit for storing stock, self-storage is ideal for this as security is guaranteed while your items are always accessible. Holdsworth’s have helped a number of small businesses grow by using our self-storage.

student storageStudents – either container or self-storage is a common solution for students who are studying in a city that is a long way from their home. This is to save with the moving of belongings over long distances as students move between halls of residence and rented accommodation over the summer. Our friendly storage staff help lots of students every year.

Moving House – Of course, the original reason that Holdsworth’s developed their storage options was to aid those that were moving home. Moving house can often be a difficult process so storage can often provide some help along the way so that you are safe in the knowledge that your belongings are safe and secure in a container or self-storage unit.

Decluttering – Storage is a common solution for those looking to declutter but do not want to throw container storage for declutter
away any items that have been kept for a long time. So whether you are looking to declutter to help with the sale of your house or simply downsizing to a smaller home, storage can be a really useful asset to have.

Renovating – Storage can also help protect your belongings in more ways than one. Damage to belongings or furniture can often be an unfortunate by-product of renovation. So if you are considering a home renovation and want to ensure the safety of your valuables and furniture, container storage and self-storage is a useful solution.

Tstorage for travelingravelling – The improvement in travel is making the world smaller and more people are wanting to

take advantage and go and see it. So if you get itchy feet and want to see the world then container storage is a great way to keep your items secure so that you have nothing to be concerned about when you are half way around the world.

Protection – If you have a number of valuable items that you want to ensure the safety of, then storage is certainly something to consider. Whether it is an item that is worth a certain amount of money or something that holds a high sentimental value, keeping them secure in storage ensures that they won’t be damaged and are also safely secured.

Equipment – Equipment is expensive and therefore needs protecting, but is also extremely difficult to storage. We have large units and containers that could be ideal for pieces of equipment that are tough to find somewhere to store.

Collections – Items that you have been collecting for a long period of time are bound to hold a high level of sentimental value. So whether it is old photo albums, stamp collections or wine – a small self-storage unit offers the right freedom and flexibility for you to access these cherished collections but also keeps them safe and secure.

If you feel like container storage or self-storage could solve a problem that you have then feel free to get a quote from Holdsworth’s of Leeds now or contact us if you have any further queries.

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