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Beating the winter blues with a move to the sun

| September 16, 2019

So, summer is nearly over…and stories of an arctic winter have already started coming in! According to news reports we should be bracing ourselves for the worst winter in a decade…yay… (although to be fair we wouldn’t mind the chance to do a bit of sledging and snowman building, but we’d rather it was limited to a day or two when there’s no moves booked to interfere with!)

If all the talk of winter has you feeling like The Grinch, and you’re still firmly in flip flop and sun hat territory, you’re not alone. Seasonal Affective Disorder is thought to affect two million Brits according to the NHS. Add in some post-holiday blues after a fantastic summer getaway in sunnier climes and you’re probably starting to re-pack your suitcase as you read.

But for well over 300,000 Brits a year, living in a different country isn’t just a pipe dream or restricted to a short term holiday. It’s a change in lifestyle which sees them going to life abroad. Whether it’s for work or study, for family, for retirement, or just because you want to, it’s a big undertaking – but an exciting one!

Here at Holdsworths Removals we can help you plan your international move, making sure we think of every last detail to make getting from A to B (Alwoodley to Barcelona? Adel to Byron Bay?) as hassle free as possible.

If you’re planning a move to mainland Europe a move by road, door to door with a dedicated team, is entirely possible, just like you would do within the UK. And if you’re moving further afield the move can happen by ship or freight plane.

If you’re moving the contents of an entire home with you, you may have enough for your own shipping container, which is a cost effective way to transport your belongings. If you’re only taking a few important bits and pieces – anything from a prized piece of furniture or a few suitcases to a garage full – we can offer a shared container. That way you only pay for the space you need, sharing the costs with others, making it great value for money.

Air freight is the most expensive way to transport items but is ideal for those things you need quickly, or for smaller items.

Whatever you’re taking and wherever you’re heading at Holdsworths we can offer our advice and expertise built up over almost 100 years of being in business. We’ll ensure your items are transported in the safest, most efficient way possible to suit your needs. We can even help you pack them to make extra sure they arrive in the best possible condition – they will need to be ‘export packed’ and inventoried to be suitable for their long journey. We have a network of trusted partners across the world which we can call upon if needed to help complete the journey.

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