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Five top tips on how to choose a removals firm

| October 14, 2019

If you’re going to trust all your worldly belongings to a removals firm, you want to make sure they’re the very best. It’s not an exaggeration to say they’re going to be looking after everything you own!

A competitive quote is obviously important, but it’s never the only thing you should judge a removals company on. Just like every industry, there will always be those who under price and fail to deliver (which could literally mean in this case not getting your belongings safely from A to B!)

So, what advice can we offer those thinking about moving home when it comes to choosing a good removals company?

  1. Reputation and track record

How long has the removal firm been in business? The likelihood is if they’ve been established for many years they have the experience you want – and should be able to provide plenty of testimonials from happy customers. We don’t want to brag or anything, but have we mentioned we’ve been in business for almost 100 years?! Also, ask your friends and family for their recommendations (or for any tips on who to avoid.)

  • BAR membership

BAR membership should be a non-negotiable. The British Association of Removers is an industry body which regulates members and can act in situations where a customer may be unhappy. Members adhere to a code of conduct so it gives you reassurance of the quality of the company you’re working with. Don’t just take a removal company’s word for their membership – you can check yourself online on the BAR website.

  • Gut feel

Gut instinct is there for a reason. If something seems a bit off about the company you’re looking at, or there’s any warning signs, don’t ignore them. Try to meet them face to face, which should be necessary if they want to do a survey, to see what items you need moving. If a service is priced very cheaply compared to competitors, there’s probably a reason why. Also, look out for things like no landline or address to contact the company. If all you have is a mobile number and they don’t turn up or answer the phone come move day, what would you do?

  • Customer service excellence

You should feel confident that the company knows exactly what they’re talking about and that they have the expertise to deal with any number of tricky situations should they arise. No one plans to have problems on move day, but you never know what might happen. Many of our removals’ teams have been working with us for 25+ years and have dealt with any number of issues confidently and calmly for our customers.

  • Everything you (might) need

Does they offer accompanying services which might come in useful? For example, can they provide a packing service or storage? You might plan to use storage as part of your move, or it might be needed if something unexpected happens. For example, if your purchase gets delayed by a few days but your sale can’t wait, what would you do? At Holdsworths we can pack your items straight into container storage on the removal van so it gets safely and securely stored until you’re ready for us to bring it to your new home.

If you have any questions about removals, we’re always happy to help, with no obligation. Why not get in touch?

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