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Ten top tips for packing like a pro

| August 14, 2019

The sold sign is up, the removal firm is booked – all that is left is to get packing!

Here at Holdsworths we have almost 100 years of removals experience – during that time we’ve packed up thousands of homes and belongings. There’s nothing we don’t know about getting belongings of all shapes and sizes safely from A to B. So, if you’re planning a house move, here are our top tips to help you pack like a pro:

  1. Hire in the experts! It’s worth giving some consideration to whether you would be better getting the professionals in to pack for you. At Holdsworths we can pack up a house in next to no time, meaning less time for you living surrounded by boxes – and the reassurance that things are packed correctly. Often people like to have a good clear out (which you may have done ahead of putting the house on the market) and then let us do the packing.
  2. Start early. You’ll be amazed how long it will take you if you’re reminiscing and deciding what to do with things as you go along. The earlier you start – particularly with areas such as the loft or garage which don’t get used day-to-da,y the easier it will be. Your kitchen and bathroom are likely to be the last two rooms you tackle, as high use areas.
  3. Get well equipped. There’s a saying which goes ‘A bad workman blames his tools’. But there’s no denying that having the right tools for a job will always help it go better. Good quality boxes, and plenty of bubble wrap and strong tape will make your move so much easier. Cheap boxes are no saving at all if it gives way and dumps all your fine china on the pavement.
  4. He ain’t heavy. There’s no point packing boxes which are too heavy to carry. Put heavy items in smaller boxes, and lighter ones in bigger sizes. If a box is getting too heavy, fill the remainder with light items such as cushions or linens. Try not to leave empty space in boxes, as it just allows things to move around, which can cause damage. Remember, soft items can often go in bags too.
  5. In the closet. We use hanging rails to transport items from wardrobes – which is so much simpler for you when you get to your new home, and saves ironing! Drawers can often be moved with items still inside. Speak to your move coordinator to find out what they’ll be able to do – put there’s no point emptying things which don’t need emptying.
  6. Look after your delicates. Anything you’re worried about, make sure it’s completely enclosed in bubble wrap or tissue paper and pack carefully in a box marked fragile. You might want to keep some valuables or sentimental items with you, which of course is completely fine. Just put them somewhere safe on move day, so the team know not to pack them on the van.
  7. Something extra special. If you have an item you’re particularly worried about moving – say a large sculpture, piece of artwork, or musical instrument, speak to your removals team about the best way to transport it. There’s always a way, but it helps if teams can come prepared with any special equipment they might need.
  8. Get labelling. Be scrupulous about your labelling. Seal every box securely with tape and make sure it’s clear what is inside and what room it’s heading for in the new house. It will make the life of the removal team easier – and your life when it comes to trying to find things at the other end.
  9. Re-flat-pack. Some items of furniture may need disassembling. Do these ahead of time where possible and make it easy to find all the elements at the other end. Keep everything together, screws included, which can be put in a bag and sellotaped to a larger piece.
  10. Create an essentials kit. If you are following the van in your own car, keep some essential items in the boot just in case. This should consist of bedding and sleepwear (when everyone is tired, the last thing you’ll want to do is try to find them), some food and drink, medicines, torches, kettle and mugs, chargers, things for pets/babies, toilet rolls, soap, toothbrushes and anything else you think you’d struggle without for 24/48 hours. You never know what time you may get into your new house, so it’s always best to be prepared.

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