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Top tips to secure the property of your dreams

| July 12, 2022

It’s no secret that the property market has been a bit hectic in recent months.

A few months back a report revealed that there were 29 buyers, on average, for every home on the British market. That’s a lot of competition!

As a Leeds’ removal company, we see a lot of property transactions come together, and sadly fall apart.

So, as a buyer, what can you do to help improve your odds to secure the house of your dreams before someone else snaps it up?

  1. Get on good terms with the estate agents in your chosen area. If they know what you’re after, they’re far more likely to be able to give you a heads up if something suitable is coming to market. Some properties are being sold before they even come to market. Property portals are great for searching, but they can’t help you in any personal way. Make sure you provide feedback on viewings afterwards as that is helpful to an agent and helps make the relationship a two way street!
  2. Know your stuff. If, as a buyer, you’re armed with as much information as possible about the area, the value of properties located there, and some of the history of the property you want to go for, you can come to the table fully prepared. Of course, buying a home is an emotional decision but the negotiation to purchase also needs to concentrate on facts and figures.
  3. Know your buyers. Many of us – understandably – have a deep emotional connection to our property. It may be that for personal reasons your buyer feels very sentimental about the garden and is hoping someone doesn’t come in and cement over it all. Or they may be hoping for a family to move in, to follow in their footsteps. If the seller is up for it, there’s the potential to make a connection during viewings or when putting in an offer. Some sellers prefer to keep out of the process – but most will have hopes about what happens to their pride and joy after they leave! Some people write a letter to go with their offer explaining why they want the house and think it’s right for them.
  4. Be prepared to negotiate. It has been a sellers’ market for a long time now, and many properties have gone for far more than their initial asking price. As house prices start to steady you may have more bargaining power as a buyer – but the key is to remain flexible. If you think the competition is going to be tough, put a strong initial offer in to show you’re serious.
  5. Be ready to go. Make sure you’re as prepared as possible when it comes to being a buyer – for example, mortgage offer in principal, ID easily available, a solicitor in place and a removal firm in mind. Sellers will want to know you’re serious – and that they’re not going to be waiting months for you to sell a home first. Being prepared can often put you to the front of the queue.
  6. Be flexible. Some sellers might want to delay the sale while they find a new property to move into – others might want to move as quickly as possible. Be as flexible as you can be if you want to be the preferred buyer.

Remember that moving companies can get very busy – so it’s always worth having made contact with your chosen one if you have a move planned. If you’re looking for a removals company, Leeds, Holdsworths has over 100 years of expertise organising home moves in the region and beyond.

If you’re looking for Leeds removals, get in touch to find out more.

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