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Making your home picture perfect, ready for sale

| April 15, 2019

If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market, you want it to look its very best for the photos. Pictures are the first thing a potential buyer will see – and the more viewers you can tempt through the door, the more likely you are to get the sale you want.


So, if you’re giving your home a makeover ready for its close up, here are some top tips for making sure the photos do your beloved house justice:


  1. Get a professional in to take the photos. If the estate agent insists they will take them themselves, say you want to check the quality before they’re used. Your home is likely your most valuable asset – you want it to look amazing!
  2. Clutter is the enemy. Cluttered rooms automatically look smaller and your stuff everywhere makes it harder for someone to see how they could make the property their own. Consider hiring some self storage and have a good clear out. You don’t need to get rid of everything, so there’s no need to be sentimental – we’ll keep it safe and sound, while your home dazzles potential new owners.
  3. Empty rooms don’t work. Don’t overdo it on the house decluttering – furniture helps people to see the dimensions of the room and allows them to imagine the room being used.
  4. Keep it neutral. You may like bright colours or bold patterns, but they’re always divisive! Make sure things are as neutral as possible, so give things a lick of paint – it doesn’t have to be magnolia but something uncontroversial!
  5. Get your Mrs Hinch Follow the Instagram star’s lead and make sure the house is spotless.
  6. Stage the look. Think of everything as you look around – is it giving the impression of a happy, healthy home? make sure your dining table is set for dinner rather than piled high with homework. Have kitchen work surfaces as clear as possible – hide things in cupboards for the photos if needs be (but consider self storage for the longer term while viewings take place)! Put toys away and switch off TVs. Move everything off bathroom surfaces – go for the hotel bathroom look!
  7. First impressions count. People want their home to look attractive from the outside – so it’s vital your photos show your house looking its best. Make sure rubbish and bins are hidden away, lawns are neat and trimmed, pathways are weeded and paintwork and doors have been freshened up.
  8. Book in the good weather. Of course, we jest. We live in the UK so the weather at most times of the year is anyone’s guess. But obviously exterior photos tend to look better against a blue sky, and natural light will help rooms look bright and airy. Bear in mind times of the day when the light might be starting to fade and consider when the sun hits certain rooms in your home.


Follow those steps and you’ll have sold your home in no time at all. And, when you’re ready for a removal firm, give us a shout!

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