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Tips for Moving Home With Kids

| September 14, 2018

A home removal can be a tough time for anyone. But for a family with children there is another level to think about and that is the effect that moving home can have on your children. But for all the worries regarding a house move, it is also an extremely exciting time in your life and that can be transferred to your children. So here are some helpful hints on making a removal an exciting time, rather than worrying time, for your kids.

Before The Move

The best thing to do when you first know about your removal is to sit down with your children and inform them of exactly what is going to happen. If you are positive about the move then that will resonate with your children as well and will focus them on the adventure of the move
rather than the worry. A great way of developing that is by researching and familiarising your children with where you are moving to. Look for attractions or local amenities such as cinemas, sweet shops or parks that are near your new home and visit them so that you kids can associate with the move and the new area. This should reassure your kids and keep them positive about moving somewhere new

Packing & Decluttering

A daunting task but if you haven’t signed up for a packing service from your removal company then there are great ways to make this an exciting task for your kids. First things first are to get them involved. Give them the responsibility of labelling the boxes and let them decorate them as packing servicethey see fit. This takes what might be a boring task for you or your partner and making it a fun one for you children and yourself. Let them also have the freedom to pack their own “My Stuff” box but ensure that they definitely pack what they need – it’s worth remembering that a removal is great time to declutter. For larger items in the home it might be worth arranging for a babysitter or relative to take care of the kids to ensure that they’re out of the way.

As it moves closer to the removal day, buy a special bag for each of your kids for them to carry anything especially important to them, either a toy or book, so that it is close to them leading up to and on the move day. Equally, pack a box of essentials for the day of the move so that all the stuff you need on the first day/night in your new home are to hand.

On Move Day

On the move day, make sure that you keep in touch with your removal company so that you are assured at what they’re doing and can focus on the children. Getting the kids involved with the removal crew can be a great way to make the day exciting for them. Using gimmicks such as badges can be a great way of doing this. If you are staying with relatives or in temporary accommodation then fit this in as part of the adventure and plan your first night so you can all get settled early.

Settling In

Carry out your first night plan so that your kids have an exciting and fun night in your new home. Make it an adventure by getting them to unpack a special box to themselves or by hiding things around the house so they can explore. But make sure that you make your kids’ bedroom as homely as possible so that they can sleep easy on their first night.

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