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Giving winter moves a warm welcome

| December 17, 2019

As reports started coming in last weekend of the first snow of the winter (although there certainly wasn’t any round us in Leeds!), it was that first reminder of what the weather can do this time of year.

So far, in the main, it’s been a wet one, with endless rain. Which doesn’t always make for a fun house move, but it’s not usually much to worry about. But, what happens when rain becomes ice or snow? Should it be something you’re worried about? (to add to the no doubt extensive list of things you’re already worrying about when it comes to moving house!)

The simple answer is – NO! Of course, there are occasionally freak weather occurrences which leave us under four foot of snow, but it’s not very frequent in this country. Rest assured in almost 100 years of moving experience we’re well used to moving in all kinds of great British weather. If it is in any way possible, we’ll get you moved safely into your new home.

Some people are put off moving in the winter with worries about being stranded or dealing with slippery drives. But you often can’t predict when a house will sell or how long a sale might take – so don’t delay booking a removal firm thinking they’ll be easy to get at short notice ‘out of season’. We get booked up all year round, and particularly when there’s bank holidays to work around, so it’s always worth getting something confirmed sooner rather than later.

The best advice for a winter move is to chat through any concerns with our team, and we’ll hopefully be able to reassure you. We’ll be keeping an eye on the forecast as much as you are, but we’re used to dealing with all kinds of situations so try not to worry!

There are simple things you can do on the day to help the move go as safely and smoothly as possible, for example:

  • There may be ice, especially early in the morning. Try to clear any ice and spread some grit. This will be safer for the team – and your belongings which they’ll be carrying!
  • You may want to protect your carpets as people will be in and out with wet shoes. It won’t be practical to keep removing them whilst carrying furniture so consider laying something down to cover flooring. Just make sure it’s not a trip hazard.
  • Use good quality packing materials to protect your items within. We’ll bring furniture covers to protect larger items from the elements.
  • It may be dark when you’re moving out or moving in, so make sure you have spare light bulbs to hand in case they’re needed and maybe a couple of torches. Especially for the new house, which will be unfamiliar.
  • Have an ‘essentials kit’ with you in your own vehicle, which should include winter coats and clothing, de-icer, shovel and grit – just in case! You can also include other items like toilet rolls, a kettle, food, chargers and any medicines you might need, and numbers for the utility companies. It’s also handy to have your bedding clearly labelled and ready to go – so if it’s late by the time you get into your new home and you’re all exhausted, you can get warm, comfy beds ready in minutes.

If you’re planning a winter move, why not get in touch for more information?

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