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How storage could be the solution to a smooth move

| June 12, 2019

If you’re in the process of moving home you’ve probably spent weeks now thinking of every detail from every angle. Which estate agent and solicitor to choose, how to market your home, where you might want to move to and hopefully you’ve given some thought to a reliable removal firm (we know a good one we could recommend….)


However, what you might not have given much thought to in the whole removal process is storage. But with almost 100 years’ experience in the removals industry, we can tell you that storage can be a huge helping hand when you’re looking to move.


Firstly – self storage can be an absolute blessing when it comes to getting your home ready to market. You’ll have heard it all a million times but decluttering and creating a ‘blank canvas’ is important when helping potential buyers to see the best in your home. But of course, we all accumulate ‘stuff’ all the time – and the fact your house is bursting at the seams and you need more space is probably one of the reasons you’re moving! Consider temporarily moving excess furniture and belongings to a self storage centre – not just for the photos, but for when you’re conducting viewings too. The beauty of self storage is you can gain access whenever you need it – so you don’t need to worry about being apart from things for too long. Although you may come to love the more minimalist look!


If you have work to do in your home – perhaps some decorating or DIY to get things looking ship shape – moving things out to a storage unit can be much easier than trying to constantly redistribute a whole room around your house.


But storage can also come into its own for the move itself. Often move dates can’t tie in for one reason or another. Perhaps the chain is out of sync, and the people buying your home need to be in on a certain day which those you’re buying from can’t meet. If it’s going to mean staying with friends or family for a couple of weeks, or a short spell in a hotel, we can look after your belongings in the meantime. We pack up your property as usual, loading items straight into containers on the removal truck. The containers are sealed and taken to our secure storage depot. They remain there untouched until you are ready for them to be redelivered to your new address.


Perhaps you’re downsizing your property and you can’t decide what will fit in your new home, in terms of space and style. Using self storage means you can move some of your items there, even ahead of move day, and then slowly sort through once you’re in your new pad.


So, if you’re planning a move this year, why not think about how storage could help you? Our friendly team are always on hand to answer any questions, so why not get in touch

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