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The Summer Removal Buzz

| June 1, 2018

Twelve months ago, the Holdsworth’s Removals blog covered the effects of the summer period on the removal industry as a whole and, more importantly, each individual move. The summer period continues to be the busiest for removal companies and 2018 is likely to prove no different. Previously we suggested that being organised in advance to your move, being prepared for hot conditions on the day of the removal and plans for students should be a forefront of thinking. This is still advice that we would adhere to.

But despite being nearly a century old as a removal company, Holdsworth’s still continue to learn, and here are some more hints and tips if you are planning a move this summer.


Whether it’s to save money or simply to get rid of some unused belongings, a removal is the perfect time for a clear out. The summer months are the ideal time to move some things on to a new home as the car boot sales and garage sales all kick in across the local area. It is a fun way of shifting some belongings that you no longer need, might raise some spare cash and will save on time or money on packing.

Watch the Weather

Previously, hot weather was key to the discussion as the UK was in the middle of a heatwave. This means that our removal crews often opt for shorts in the hotter weather and may require more frequent hydration breaks. But in the summer of 2018 we have already experienced hot and humid weather which has led to flash flooding and aggressive storms across the UK. No summer in Leeds, Yorkshire or the UK is ever predictable so keep an eye on the forecast so you can plan for whatever the weather throws your way.

Plan Plan Plan

Despite saying it last year, it is as relevant as ever this year. It may be possible to book your removal days in advance for the majority of the year but the summer rush makes this unlikely. Getting a quote for your removal as early as possible will give you the best chance to move on the day that you want / need. Then stay in touch with your removal company and solicitors to ensure availability and also factor in any surprise changes to your move day.

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