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Removals Trends for 2018

| January 8, 2018

As we enter 2018, and as Holdsworth’s approaches its 98th birthday as a removals company, we have taken a look at some noticeable trends throughout the past few months in the removals industry. Our team has provided some advice on how we, as a removals company, and our customers can try and move with these trends to make the removal an easier process, as well as looking at some wider developments.

The Short Notice Move

Research across the removals and property industry has sprung a noticeable trend which is being dubbed the short notice move. It was something noticeable at Holdsworth’s Removals as 2017 progressed, despite house sales being secured, it can take some time for the chain to kick in and suddenly a move date agreed and a removal needs to be booked in. Despite Holdsworth’s having the removals expertise to deal with this where they can, during some peak periods it can be difficult to please everyone. In this respect, Holdsworth’s have a few pieces of advice to try and make this an easier process:

  • Be as prepared for your removal as you can be. As soon as you know that you will be moving house, gather quotes for the move. Following this, ensure that you are in constant contact with your removal company, estate agent and solicitors. Get as much notice as possible.
    • Extra hint: Ensure that you are moving with a BAR verified company for extra protection.
  • Explore any covering waiver options. Holdsworth’s for example, offer a cancellation or postponement waiver to cover you in the unfortunate even that something goes wrong. These waivers are intended to protect you, and your wallet, if the move can’t go ahead.
  • Consider storage options. Most removals companies, including Holdsworth’s, have their own storage facilities to keep your items safe during any hiccups.
  • Avoid busy periods where possible. If you end up in a lengthy chain that is prone to collapse, insisting on an end of week removal in the summer months can cause further problems. The more flexible you can be with your move, the easier the process will be.

Brexit Impact?

With Brexit negotiations being well underway, there is ongoing uncertainty which might affect the housing market. Despite this, there are positive signs. The abolishment of stamp duty for first time buyers in the 2017 Autumn Budget and the protection of Help-to-Buy ISA’s were a positive step. There was an increase of first-time buyers in 2017. There is further good news for the Yorkshire region which is anticipated to fare better than many other parts of the UK.

Continued Holdsworth’s Removals Expertise

One thing that Holdsworth’s can guarantee is a continued effort to grow and deliver our removals expertise for removals across Leeds, Yorkshire and the UK. The removals industry continues to develop and our aim is the develop with that while also calling upon the 98 years of removals expertise. We will adhere to the regulations of our BAR accreditations and aim to pass our annual inspection as usual.

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