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Why Use a Removal Company for Storage?

| December 8, 2017

Choosing a company to store your items can be an arduous process with so many out there. While the safety of the belongings themselves is paramount, there are multiple things to consider when making the call. If you are storing long term or need access to your goods then location, cost and access is usually high up the agenda. But if you are storing during a removal, then convenience is key. Here we suggest some of the reasons why using the removal company you are moving house with for storage works in your favour.

Here Comes the Delivery

Doing a removal via storage is part of the day to day business of a removal company. If there is a delay with the new property or you are moving house via a smaller rental, storage will be vital and your removal company will be able to transport your goods most efficiently via their own store. They can pack the containers on-site and simply keep them safe in their storage facility ready for when your new property is ready. They will be able to plan for when your move-in date is with their own warehouse and removals teams so that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. It avoids too many cooks spoiling the broth!

Keep the Cost Down

If you store with your removal company there is certainly a deal to be made. Removals companies often have the facility to store and these facilities are as safe as a self-storage unit but require less staff as the warehouse is only accessed when containers are being moved. So you could get a better deal while not sacrificing the safety of your items.

One Point of Call

Rather than having to make multiple phone calls to storage centres, van hires or removal companies, if there is an issue or something unfortunate happens with your house move, all you have to do is pick up the phone or write an email to one place. If your removal company is like Holdsworth’s you will have been provided a dedicated point of contact on the team who you will be able to work with throughout the move.

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