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Moving Your Outdoor Items

| August 31, 2017

A question often recevied at Holdsworth’s Removals refers to that of outdoor or garden items. Outdoor items are often come with separate complications compared to that of every day indoor items that can be stored within boxes or wrapped and moved easily. Your removal company will be able to help with any advice and how to prepare for the items to be moved, with the following tips.

Check with Your Removal Company

It is always worthwhile staying in touch with your removal company throughout the move. But when it comes to outdoor items, keeping the removals company informed is vital so there are no misunderstandings come the move day. There are outdoor items in the garden that removals companies won’t be able to move.

At Holdsworth’s of Leeds, we believe that we have the right method to ensure that there are no misunderstandings. When you arrange for one of our estimators to visit your property, you will show them around your home to show them what needs to be moved to your new property. This will include a visit to the garden and outdoors to discuss what can and needs to be moved.


If you have outdoor furniture then dismantling in advance of the move day is ideal. Holdsworth’s can do some of this dismantling for you but this has to be arranged in-advance. But if you are dismantling the furniture, ensure that this is done as safely as possible using the original instructions or using advice you might be able to find online. Having these items dismantled and ready to pack up will be of huge benefit on move day.

Quick tip – if your outdoor furniture is put together using nuts and bolts than secure these in a sealable bag and tape them to the furniture. This way you will avoid having to match up the fixings as well as, worst of all, losing them completely amongst the removal.


Giving your items a quick clean or rinse down is also important. Not only does it protect the items themselves when in transit but it also helps with other types of removal. For example if your items are going into storage for some time then clearing them of any dirt reduces the risk of decay or damage when in the unit. Also if your items are part of a move overseas, some border controls will extensively inspect items for any “alien” effects such as dirt that might impact the environment.

Call Holdsworth’s Removals on 0113 269 0000 for advice on moving your outdoor items and your removal.

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