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How to Tackle the Post-Christmas Sorting

| December 27, 2016

As the song goes, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. But in amongst all the wrapping, cooking and the giving & receiving of gifts, you accumulate a lot of extra stuff and waste. Christmas can also be a dangerous time in terms of theft and especially identity theft. Even down to the addressed packages and envelopes, someone looking to fraud your identity could use this information to their advantage. So here are some ideas on how Holdsworths’ can help you with the post-Christmas sort out.

Shredding Sacks

Holdsworth’s aim to provide a completely secure document disposal service and one way in which we do that is with our paper shredding sacks. You can purchase these sacks and take them home to fill up yourself. Whether its addressed envelopes or something a bit more confidential such as personal records, bank statements etc, you can fill our shredding sacks and seal them yourselves and they will go straight into our shredder inside the sacks – so at no point will your documents be removed from the sack.

Drop off in-store

You can also avoid the shredding sacks by sorting through your items at home and putting them into boxes or bags. The difference here is that your documents will have to be removed from the bags and boxes to be shredded as our shredder cannot process plastic bags or large boxes. This doesn’t compromise their confidentiality however as all of our shredding staff are fully trained and monitored.

Storage Options

Maybe part of your post-Christmas clear-out doesn’t involved disposing of stuff. If you are wanting to fulfil the de-cluttering that is required in your home but have some items that have a certain amount of value so that you don’t want to through them away the Holdworth’s storage solutions could be ideal for you. Container storage would be ideal for valuable items that you don’t need immediate access to be want to keep safe away from your home in a fully secure area. You can fill one of our containers and it will be forklifted into our warehouse for safe keeping.

If you want to declutter items that you might need immediate access to over time then self-storage is the best option for you. This is great for items like Christmas decorations that you might not have space for at your home but might need access to next year and you can also fill your unit with other bits and bobs that you can use a lock and key or our 24/7 PIN service to get access to.

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