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Tips for Your Workplace This “Use Less Stuff” Day

| November 16, 2016

Use Less Stuff Day has been promoted by organisations such as Greenpeace for a few years.  It was established with the Earth and our impact on it in mind. This is not just concerning the condition of the Earth and its atmosphere but also us as residents of it. Its aim is for us to consider whether we really need to use the items that we use on a day-to-day basis, whether it’s a disposable coffee cup or buying bottled water, Use Less Stuff Day is promoting thoughts of “Do I Actually Need That?”. At Holdsworth’s we wanted to focus this on an area where we spend a lot of our time – the workplace. So here are a few hints and tips on how to implement Use Less Stuff Day in your office:


This is may seem an obvious one but it is a hint that needs to be re-emphasised. We as humans produce a lot of waste and having the relevant bins in place makes it a whole lot easier for people to filter their waste between what’s recyclable and what’s not. Having the bins in the office alone should promote the idea.


In an age of emails, tablets and on-screen presentations, many companies are going paperless in a bid to limit the amount of unnecessary waste that we accumulate on a day to day basis. Going paperless isn’t always achievable but enforcing it as much as possible will act as an easy way to cut waste. Where it isn’t necessary, it could be worth considering a one-print rule and looking into document storage options to ensure that duplicate copies aren’t printed.

Shred It

In some industries such as law, health and accountancy, paperless is not possible due to laws regarding the time that documents have to be kept for. Document storage is a great option for companies in this sector. But for any office that requires a lot of paper printing should ensure that it is disposed of in the best way. Shredding services not only ensure that all documents are destroyed securely therefore protecting your personal information. But, providing that you use an amicable company, the shredding company should ensure that all paper waste is recycled properly so it can go into the making of everyday items such as toilet paper.

Big Switch Off

Using less stuff doesn’t always apply to a handheld object. Using less energy and power is also a vital part of enforcing a more environmentally friendly workplace. Turning your computer or laptop off at the end of each work day has more benefits than leaving it overnight.

Make It a Team Effort

Getting the whole office on board and colleagues working to support each other a great way to make sure that these ideas are put into place. It could even extend out into car sharing to work which takes a car off the road.

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