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What is the Difference between Self-Storage & Container Storage?

| August 17, 2016

Space and security are vital things both of which are growing considerations in modern life. As the way in which we live our lives develops, the more we seek extra space and extra security. This has led to self-storage and container storage services becoming valuable additions to the lives of some people in society. But despite this, there is still a large amount of people that don’t understand what storage is and how it can help. Which begs the question, what is the difference between self-storage and container storage and what are the benefits?

What Comes With Both

The best place to start is the similar services that you get with both options. Security is the key when it comes to storage and that is something that any esteemed storage company values highest.

Holdsworth’s were one of the first companies in the UK to offer
container storage and the values of security have been paramount for our near 100 year history.

So whether it is container storage or self-storage, your possessions are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by our CCTV system meaning their security is ensured.

The Differences
The two key differences between container storage and self-storage are what your possessions are stored in and access to them. StorageContainer Storage Warehouse by container means that your possessions are loaded into individual containers, closed up and forklifted into our secure warehouse. Individuality is the key with container storage as your designated containers are then exclusively yours and a personal inventory is filled in on loading of the container to ensure nothing is missed. If access to your belongings is required then Holdsworth’s retrieval system allows staff to quickly locate the container required and fork-lifting them out of our warehouse.

Self-Storage on the other hand, is all about the personal touch. Customers

can decide the size of their self-store unit and then have personalised and flexible access to it. This means you can access your belongings without a member of staff – although Holdsworth’s staff will be on hand to help if required.

Who it Suits

Self-storage is useful for those wanting ready access to their belongings. This could be a student that has moved to a new city, somebody do
wnsizing their home without wanting to throw anything away or also businesses that need secure space to store stock but require quick access.

self storage unitContainer storage on the other hand is more ideal for items that don’t require ready access. Whether it’s someone looking to declutter their house but not wanting to throw away any items or someone moving house and wanting to keep valuable item safe. Container storage is ideal for storing memories and items that you want to keep safe, but also keep close.

What Can You Store

Other than a small number of restricted items, you can use container storage and self-storage for whatever items you like. There is also specialist storage available for things like vehicles, documents and furniture.

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