IT Relocations & Removals

Holdsworth’s have been helping businesses move office and premises for over a hundred years. In that time we have seen IT and computer systems grow more and more important to businesses and office life. We understand that these systems are the lifeblood of a lot of companies and require expert removals to ensure that they are kept free from damage. We do this by implementing two steps to the process.


Every commercial removal is different so we will send one of our experienced removal consultants to assess the office to see what needs to be moved and how. Our removal consultants will work with your IT department, not against them, to ensure that every detail on what needs to moved and what doesn’t is agreed upon. This way we know exactly what computer systems need moving and can implement our expertise in moving them to your next premises.


Firstly, you will have one of expert Move Coordinators dedicated to your move so you have a point of contact all the way through the move from beginning to end.

Then we will send an experienced removal crew of packers who are knowledgeable and trained in IT relocations as part of a commercial removal. Once again, the removal crew will work with rather than against your IT department to ensure that everything is moved correctly and efficiently to your new premises. They will be armed with all the correct packing materials and equipment to ensure that your computer systems are moved safely and professionally. On arrival, we will do our best to ensure that all systems are reconnected if you have made that request.

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